India: In Word and Image, Revised, Expanded and Updated
Photographs by Eric Meola
Introduction by Bharati Mukherjee
Published by Welcome Books
288 pages, 9 7/8" x 13"
More than 200 full-color photographs
Hardcover, $60.00 ($60.00 CAN)
ISBN 978-1-59962-128-9
On Sale: 10/8/13

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"Eric Meola has captured a brilliant portrait of a vast and vibrant India through the artistic mastery of his lens. In a nation where city life resembles any urban metropolis globally, he has captured the unaltered richness of ancient India juxtaposed between thousands of years of its traditional civilization."
—Vishaka Hussain Pathak, US India Business Council

We are thrilled to announce that IPPY has awarded India the National Bronze Medal in Photography! Meanwhile, Foreword Reviews has nominated India for Book of the Year in Photography (winners to be announced June, 2014).

India: a kingdom of color where every turn dazzles more than the turn before. Where every nuance speaks of pageantry and celebration, of gods within gods, of maharajahs and past glory, of a sense of life and wonder unlike any other place on earth. For more than a decade, Eric Meola has returned repeatedly to India, photographing the people, landscapes, architecture, celebrations, and art of this uniquely exuberant and incredibly diverse country.

Meola's journeys took him from the Himalayas and monasteries in the North to the temples of Tamil Nadu in the South, from the color and pageantry of Rajasthan in the West to the tea plantations of Darjeeling in the East. More than two hundred photographs (edited from twenty-five thousand images) fill this stunning, ambitious book. Camels in the dust at the Pushkar fair; a young boy crossing the Yamuna river on the back of a water buffalo; the spectacular celebration of Holi near Mathura; a lone gypsy in the stark desert near Jaipur; gold, jewels, and glass interwoven in infinite detail. Each of Meola's images is a work of art that speaks of India's myriad colors and wonders.

This visual celebration is accompanied by words from major writers whose works derive inspiration from Indian themes. Salman Rushdie speaks of a mythical land with a new dream; Nirad C. Chaudhuri describes daily washing rituals; Anita Desai gives life to the faces of India; R. K. Narayan captures spring in a village fair. More than thirty literary passages capture and immerse readers in the compelling story that is India.

India: In Word and Image will enrapture and reveal this mysterious and dazzling country.