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With an array of titles from the sublime to the hilarious, Welcome Books strives for unparalleled excellence in all its publications.

Founded in 1993, Welcome Books is devoted to the creation of visually dazzling books. Distributed by Random House, Welcome Books is an award-winning publishing imprint of Welcome Enterprises. Welcome Enterprises is a book packager of hundreds of distinctive titles for publishers including Hearst, Rizzoli, Harper Collins, Hyperion (later Disney Editions), Random House, and others. Welcome Enterprises was co-founded in 1980 by Lena Tabori—who is also one of the co-founders of the illustrated publisher Stewart, Tabori & Chang. Tabori, the publisher of Welcome Books, is passionate about the creation of exquisitely designed and produced visual books. Welcome has worked with Richard Avedon, Amy Arbus, Richard Berenholtz, Barbara Bordnick, Eric Meola, John Ortner, Rick Sammon, Tim Street-Porter, Laura Wilson and other illustrious photographers. With more than 100 titles in its backlist, Welcome’s focus includes art books, illustrated books and, increasingly, photographic books. Welcome Books are extremely special in the way they are made.

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