"Filled with illuminating insights and insider perspectives, these interviews will speak volumes to teens considering careers in the video game industry. In addition to YA readers, the book may also be of interest to educators looking to examine media trends, or launch a classroom discussion about viewing video games as an art form."
— Joy Fleishhacker, School Library Journal, 3/21/12 read more

"Designed for us short attention span readers, the well-paced, large format, $40 hardback from Welcome Books features big image screen grabs and short blocks of history and insight on 80 noteworthy games, arranged historically and by console format eras....Also rallying for the cause are short essays in the book from industry innovators like "father of Atari" Nolan Bushnell - who "knows for a fact"that gaming doesn't just keeps you sharp, but "delays the onset of Alzheimer's." So go do something artful and important - buy the book, visit the exhibit and go play a video game!"
— Jonathan Takiff, The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News/philly.com, 3/15/12. Widely syndicated. read more

"In Chris Melissinos and Patrick O'Rourke's book The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect—the accompanying book to the Smithsonian exhibit of the same name on display starting in March 2012—the authors offer a compelling read, intriguing to both the gaming nerd and pretentious art student in me, that reads like a warm meet-and-greet without being too casual or too stuffy...the full-page screen-shots will have any reader enthralled...They have the capacity to capture us, for an instant, and draw us into an experience that is more than simply wasting time—that is potentially transformative."
— Kaitlin Tremblay, MediumDifficulty.com, 3/27/12 read more

"You can't go wrong with this book. It makes for a fun read and you might learn something...coffee table worthy...fascinating...it screams 'I'm smart, I like to play video games and I appreciate ART!'"
—from the video book review on Classic Game Room, YouTube Channel (201,000+ subscribers), 4/2/12. read more

"...the book is a really great piece for retro video game lovers. It mixes art with nostalgia as it caries you though the different ages of gaming, showcasing classic video games in stunning layouts, drawing attention to the creative and cultural impact, all in one very classy, and affordable package.
—D.S. Cohen, About.com: Classic Video Games, April 1, 2012read more

"If Ready Player One was a fictional love song to video games, The Art of Video Games is the visual poem to gaming—simply a beautiful book filled with gaming nostalgia, inspired innovation and flat-out fun...Every gamer needs to have The Art of Video Games just like every English major needs to have the collected works of Shakespeare. "
—J. Jay Franco, Bookrastination, 3/9/12 read more

"This book belongs on the shelf of every highbrow gaming geek, but it's also an important read for anyone interested in media studies or human expression. I want to hand this book to every naysayer who sees games as nothing more than cheap, violent, meaningless entertainment. With its engaging pictures, rich interviews, and neatly bundled history lessons, The Art of Video Games makes a solid case not just for the validity of games as an art form, but for its rightful place as one of the defining storytelling mediums of our time."
—Themarysue.com, 3/16/12 read more

"I heartily recommend The Art of Video Games, not only to every gamer, but also to anyone interested in technology, and especially to those who feel games are harmful and childish...it's a fascinating journey through time, showing how this incredible industry has become one of the most lucrative and fastest growing in the world. When next your parents ask why you play video games, just give them a copy of this book and I'm sure they'll apologize for ever questioning your love for this truly special and important medium. "
—Benjy Ikimi, Avault.com, 3/16/12 read more

"The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect is a worthy companion piece to the Smithsonian American Art Museum's exhibit. Melissinos and O'Rourke do an excellent job of laying a foundation for any reader to educate themselves on video games and their place as a modern artform. Video game enthusiasts have a lot to enjoy here, too. Besides the first-rate production values, it is a lovingly crafted narrative of the industry's evolution from its most rudimentary beginnings to the multi-billion dollar cultural powerhouse it is today. Any fan of video games will enjoy the opportunity to pick this book up from the coffee table, flip to a random page, and immediately begin to 'remember when...'"
—Paul Marzagalli, www.eclipsemagazine.com, 3/16/12 read more

"The Art of Video Games exhibit was based on the book written by Chris Melissinos and Patrick O'Rourke. The book is amazing. I highly recommend it to any gamer or fan of games."
—Fan, RPGMachine86, 4/4/12 read more

"In the end, The Art of Video Games puts in a very admirable effort. They get the list (in my humble opinion) mostly right, and they fill out a lot of interesting history about each game, often from the perspective of the developer themselves. The interviews are top-notch, giving two full pages of insight into the past of your favorite developers, how they make their games, and what they were thinking when they did so. Want to know just what Ron Gilbert was thinking when he made Maniac Mansion (also not on this list) or Monkey Island? Here is your chance."
—Ron Burke, GamingTrend.com, 4/5/12 read more

"New York publisher Welcome Books has just released the companion book this March, which is a great coffee table book for any gamer. The book offers incredible art and stories that chronicle the history of games from pre 8-Bit days to today's phtotorealistic visuals in games like Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3."
—John Gaudiosi, Forbes.com, 4/9/12 read more

"Readers with interest in video games or American Pop culture will find this a fascinating book...If you have any interest in the history and art of video games I highly recommend the book even if you cannot attend the exhibition (as I have not but plan to when it tours.) It is not just a beautiful book, it is a fascinating study of the evolution of the art form we call Video Games."
—Carolyn Koh, MMORPG.com, 5/1/12 read more

"With over 100 images to look at, including forewords from some of the industry's biggest names in both development and journalism, gamers get a crash course in artistic innovation that's an absolute joy to read. Even if art as a genre isn't your thing, the book does a great job of tying art and video games together that offers up some interesting stories about motivation, inspiration and opportunities that you generally wouldn't find elsewhere...Simply put, The Art of Video Games is a must-read book for any video game fan out there, regardless of age or gaming knowledge. At $40 for the 216-page hardcover book, you cannot pass it up."
—Ramon Aranda, Senior Editor, GotGame.com, 5/11/12 read more

"A really informative look into how the art you see in games came to be... Best of all you're going to get some great interview with some of the game industry's biggest names."
—X-Play TV, Books For Gamers, 4/24/11 read more